1. GAWWWD, that first one is like magical. You expect a wizard to pop out of the shadows and turn him into a prince. I don’t know where that idea came from. I’m in Bali you know, so maybe the gods and demons are running my brain? Just truly lovely photos, all…again! From Borneo? Where’s the Canadian goose shot? Or the moose?


      1. Right…when I first opened your blog, there was no photo at the top, it was gray–looked pretty cool, actually. I guess because of speed (lack of), the photo did not appear until MUCH later, after I replied.

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    1. Thank you! I know, isn’t he so beautiful?!?! Nature is so completely amazing in its infinite detail. I could look at the texture of his skin for hours. I like the wizard idea!! Great imagination! Moose and geese are pending… need to get out into the wilderness and see what I find! Maybe a grizzly?! Eeeeeek!

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      1. Shouldn’t you be sleeping…or you still on Singapore time. I’m replying right away because it seems the internet is working well right now. If a grizzly finds you, at least take a photo of it before it eats you…


      2. Oh, Bali is Bali. You know, just another paradise, minus the Mexican beer on the railing. However, I tried kopi luwak yesterday for the first time. It is remarkably different, and good, not bitter. Still, you have to get passed that poop part.


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