Singapore — the tiny island nation, the Little Red Dot — is celebrating 50 years as an independent country. The story of Singapore is remarkable, thanks to the exceptional vision of Lee Kuan Yew and the hard work of so many Singaporeans. To celebrate this historic birthday, I’m sharing a gallery of my favorite scenes and most memorable experiences. From Thaipusam to Chinese New Year, Supertrees to mooncakes, I share these memories with tremendous gratitude for the years I lived there and the countless ways it enriched my life.

SG50! Majulah Singapura!


  1. Dear you – I am so fortunate to have seen most of those places with you, although your vision took them to greater heights in these photos, and many of them I could not see at night! Thanks for the special trips I made to Singapore with knowledgeable YOU as my expert guide and companion….times that I treasure as truly spectacular trip events of my life. But I am certainly happy to have you back in North America!


  2. This is such a wonderfully diverse series of photos – a perfect tribute to Singapore. The fish shot you have above is simply awesome, shot from a great perspective and also showing how fresh foods are such a way of life of Singapore and all of SE Asia. Are you missing it 🙂


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