Decorative tiles dress up the entries of many of the conservation shophouses around Singapore. Their geometric and floral patterns remain as reminders of Singapore’s Peranakan heritage.  I often found myself photographing the tiles on my walks through neighborhoods like Everton Park, Kampong Glam and Telok Ayer. The ornate styles and colorful patterns add beautiful expression along otherwise gray sidewalks. Some of the newer buildings are reviving the use of these tiles as a nod to a past trend that is once again in fashion.

You can see additional examples of this week’s photo challenge here.


  1. You know, I’ve been to Singapore many, many times (well, decades ago), and I don’t remember seeing floors like this. If I did, I probably thought they weren’t interesting enough to photograph. But they are, aren’t they!! I particularly like the ones with your feet in them. You have long toes! And red! Great compilation for the photo prompt. I haven’t been online or commenting, just saw your name in my hotmail, clicked, and read! Love your stuff, usually the writing, your way with words, most. This one, it’s the photos.


  2. Hey badfish – Kelly and I just met in person a few days ago. She (and her husband) is/are as wonderful in person as you would expect from her blog. Kelly, hope we can get together again when we get back near the end of October. We really enjoyed meeting you. Also love the tiles. You keep trying to get me to Singapore don’t you 🙂


      1. For me, it’s easier to have a talkative, outgoing travel partner. I’m not very good at small talk and meeting people…unless I sit down beside them in a restaurant, and they are like awesome!

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