1. More up than down now on the emotional scale. Thank you. I am so excited about that month in San Miguel, and I just read Alison and Don’s blog that they are there now. We’re making plans to meet; I can’t believe how that will add just a bit more to the whole experience.


  1. OH, I just love it. Is that a night photo? What is creating the light…a candle or flashlight or smartphone? BUT I miss your words in this post! However, I’m thinking that (once again) I will follow your lead and post a photo without words because I’m so bogged down with STUFF. Get this: I can’t send a wire transfer to B to B from my bank…they don’t have Bhutan listed in their system!! Have you been to Bangladesh?


    1. Thanks! Yes, it’s a candle. Nice to know my words are missed! 🙂 I have lots of words coming up in a new post today about living in Asia. Hoping to finish editing soon. Wow, Bhutan isn’t even listed??? That is funny and sad at the same time. So this means you’re doing a trip with them? So cool! Maybe you can see the Wangchuck’s new baby. 🙂 No, haven’t been to Bangladesh. Was on the list when I was in Singapore, but never got there. Wasn’t too sure what to expect from that country, but good people are everywhere so I figured I would find something to love about it. Are you going?


      1. Yeah, I’m not sure what to expect in Bangladesh either. I have the LP guide in PDF, don’t want to carry that thing, but it was way cheap online. I won’t be there long, just wanted to get a taste of the place since I was so close—and couldn’t fly into Bhutan from Myanmar!


      2. So, you’re going from Myanmar to Bangladesh to Bhutan? That sounds totally fabulous. And I’m totally jealous. Can’t wait to hear about Bangladesh. I don’t personally know anyone who has been. Very curious. When are you there?


      3. Oh yeah, but because of Druk Air’s flight schedule, or lack of one, I can’t leave on Saturday, I have to leave Bhutan on Friday and head to Katmandu, but my flight home from Katmandu doesn’t leave until Saturday, so I am forced to visit Nepal for a day also. Life is hard and so uneventful sometimes, eh. Four countries in one trip—NOT my kind of travel, but I’m happy with it this one time.


      4. I actually will be there for one night and most of two days, arrive at 0900 and depart the next night around 2300, or so. And yes, I’d like a hotel. The only one I know of is the Katmandu Guest House, a cool enough place but packed with travelers (I guess it’s fairly popular). So, yeah, please, Ms Travel Yoda…guide my path please!


      5. Okay I have a few tips. I know a guy named Sagar Pandey, owner of a very successful trekking company in Thamel (himalayanglacier.com). I booked a trek with him in 2005 and have kept in touch since. My father also trekked with his company. He is opening a new hotel — might be open by now, not sure. It’s called Yatri Suites and Spa in Thamel. It looks pretty swank by Kathmandu standards. I’ve also stayed at Hotel Shanker — colonial, old, interesting. Room was quiet and big. But my favorite is a place called Hotel Hama (not to be confused with Hotel Hana). It’s low key, located down a cul-de-sac in Thamel, surprisingly quiet (feels residential, not touristy), rooms are basic but clean, nice view if you’re on an upper floor, private bath with hot water, and pretty cheap (at least when I was there). Not sure about breakfast. You can see a photo from my room in my Kathmandu & The Khumbu Valley, Part 1 post (3rd photo). I’ll try to dig up the address.


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