Depth of field and reflection collide in an abstract composition. A Magritte sky silhouettes the trees and mountains of Joffre Lakes, British Columbia.



An outdoor seating area in Singapore becomes a mass of intersecting shapes and surfaces reminiscent of Escher.



In Melaka, shadow and color intermingle at sunset like Rothko and Mondrian went out to play.



O’Keeffe comes to life with organic lines and infinite hues of yellow and orange in Singapore.


  1. These are all gorgeous! I keep looking through my photos for something perfect for this challenge and just can’t decide what exactly is abstract and what is just blurry to close-up or what. Your interpretation is spot-on and takes us around the world as well!


  2. Magnificent little mini lesson in how to see things abstractly – painters do it all the time – our plein air paint group in Hawaii is a perfect example of artists who look at the world around them, zero in on an aspect of it whether it be line, texture, form, shape, color or even depth & perspective and then simplify it toward abstraction. Almost all total abstraction is informed by nature with the addition of emotion…..


  3. Whoa…just lovely shots…all of them. Love the Magritte sky…but where’s the guy walking with the umbrella in the clouds? And the flower is O’Keefe!!


    1. Thank you so much!! When I downloaded that photo and looked at it (after having seen that reflection in real life), it took me a while to figure out what I was looking at. It’s such a bizarre composition. Thanks for seeing the beauty in it!

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