Good news, everyone! Woon Chi is back on the road after breaking down on the first day of his month-long motorcycle ride around the western U.S.

Woon Chi departed Vancouver, Canada on Monday morning. He made it to Oregon but broke down at Gnat Creek Fish Hatchery — not far from the middle of nowhere, on the road toward Astoria. Here’s the story through his words and sketches.









This morning, the CDI Unit arrived from Georgia and Woon Chi got back on the road. Thank you, Kawasaki USA and L & D Race Tech! He traveled down the coast and found a place to camp for the night at San Marine. Tomorrow he’ll try to make up for lost time and get to Eureka. Cheers to a better day on the road, Woon!


Missed part of the road trip? You can catch up with Woon Chi here:

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  1. Love the trip… condolences on the problem. Assume Woo will pick up Highway 1 at Legget. Definitely wouldn’t want to miss that part of the coast. Point Reyes National Seashore worth a side trip. I’ve wandered back and forth over everywhere Woo will be traveling. So much beautiful country. He really can’t go wrong. Excited to follow along. –Curt


    1. Thanks, Curt! He’s on Highway 1 right now, in Bandon, heading south. I’ll pass that on about Point Reyes — I agree, it’s definitely worth a stop. Such a beautiful landscape out there. Feels like the edge of the world. I guess it kind of is. 🙂

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  2. I am glad he had such a good experience during a tough time. Breaking down on the road is no fun. I used to live in Oregon, great state.


  3. Just one more reason not to ride motorcycles…or hot air balloons. And motorhomes. And sailboats. Too many things can (and will) go wrong. But you have to admire his spirit!! Yesterday I saw a video of a guy and his girl on a motorcycle sitting next to a car at a red light, there were words between them. Then the guy in the car just turns his vehicle into the bike, blows it over, and then proceeds to run over it and drive away. Hope Woon Chi’s luck and good fortune continue!! Fingers crossed…


    1. What a horrible story! Let’s not go there. Although, one of Woon Chi’s drawings shows a driver flipping him off. Typical. Let’s focus on and hope for open roads and friendly Americans.


  4. Kelly, I’ve done a bit of bike touring (the pedaling kind), and can relate to Woon’s frustration. Breakdowns are a nuisance, no matter how simple the fix is. It’s especially tough if you’re riding solo, which ultimately means that you’ll be depending on the kindness of strangers. And in my experience, strangers can be very kind indeed. Aand despite what the news tells us, most people are nice. Best of luck Woon, it will be fun to follow along. ~James


    1. Yes, being solo adds another layer of complexity for sure — always having to watch your stuff and be self-reliant. It’s quite a bold trip he’s making, considering the length, among other things. Thanks for your thoughts, James! Great to have you and Terri along for the ride.:)


  5. Not quite the start one would expect, but awesome drawings and description of his journals ~ and he’s got the perfect Pacific Northwest temperament of taking things as they come with a smile on your face.


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