Woon Chi’s Excellent Adventure continues! After his bike died near Astoria, he rented a car for 24 hours until the requisite part arrived from Georgia and the bike shop got him back on the road. He made it to San Marine where he camped for the night.



Along the way, a fellow cyclist chased Woon Chi down and chatted him up at the petrol station. Woon Chi’s rare motorcycle had caught his eye on the road. The two of them have similar bikes. Or as Woon Chi put it, using that universal and beloved phrase that comes in handy among all countries and cultures … same same but different.

And what would a road trip be without some other memorable characters along the way?

Making up for lost time, Woon Chi went full throttle all day Thursday for 292 miles/470 km, from San Marine to Eureka. The weather cleared and the coastline zipped along at his side.


He arrived in Eureka around dinner time, located a campsite and celebrated the day’s journey in all-American fashion with a Clif Bar, a Drumstick and a Budweiser.

After departing Eureka early this morning, Woon Chi cruised the Avenue of Giants among some of California’s tallest redwoods.

He had his picture taken driving through the Chandelier Tree. This tree measures 16 feet in diameter (4.9 meters) and is about 2,000 years old — rooted at this spot since a few decades after the romance of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra. The only thing rivaling the enormity of this tree is the intensity of the temperature on the road today: 98F/37C degrees throughout Sonoma County. Sweltering, even by Singapore standards! Woon and his bike are cooling off at the roadside before the final push into San Francisco, where the Golden Gate Bridge awaits his arrival at the City by the Bay.


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  1. Loving this series KH!! So much fun. The sketches and his hand written synopsis of the day’s events make it friendly and personal. This rules!


    1. VW! So great to find you here! So happy to have you along for the ride. I agree — Woon’s handwritten commentary is priceless. He’s gonna have a great journal at the end of this. Happy weekend! 🙂


  2. Kelly…Lovin the trip with Woon Chi and of course your contribution. A side car with you and your camera would have been the thing to do! Love POP! PS…see you soon.


    1. Hey! Thanks Pop! It’s been really fun collaborating with Woon Chi. He left this morning for Yosemite (after spending the weekend in San Francisco) so there’s more good stuff coming up soon! See you in Cali in a few weeks. 🙂


  3. Woon’s drawings are great, Kelly. He is able to emphasize things in a way that is very hard to do with photographs. His waves had the power of a Japanese print. I would hang it in my home. –Curt


  4. Fantastic stuff! Woon Chi is such a kick and it is a treat reading this great telling of his big adventure. (I know Woon Chi via my son, Race, who met/befriended/lived with WC in Singapore. Race still lives in Singapore and here WC is riding down the Pacific Coast.) Any chance WC is going as far south as LA?


    1. Hi Greg! Thanks for getting in touch! I’ll let Woon Chi know you left a comment. Happy to have you along for the ride. 🙂 Death Valley is the farthest south Woon Chi will go. I think LA was maybe a bit too far considering everything else he wants to see on his route. He left this morning for Yosemite so I’ll have the next post up soon. How’s Singapore? I love your country and miss it a lot since leaving last year. Thanks for saying hello! 🙂


      1. Hi again! I’m actually not in Singapore … my son Race is … I’m in Florida but have been to Singapore (which I agree is an amazing place after having visited each of the 8 years Race has been there). When is Woon Chi going to be in Death Valley? My other sons (Dash and Drew) and my wife Toni (all of whom Woon Chi has met) are going to be in Joshua Tree this coming weekend. As you know, that’s just over the hill from Death Valley. I’m sure it’s unlikely to work out but it would be a treat to see Woon Chi on the very slim chance our paths cross. I will try to connect w/ him via FB. Thanks! Greg

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah, Florida, okay, I get it now. 🙂 Wow, how cool that they’ll be in Joshua Tree! I think Woon will be in Death Valley toward the end of this week. Would be great if they could all see each other. I’ll pass that on to him as well. Thanks, Greg!


  5. Cool journey and you got to admire the guy’s culinary aptitude…with this for dinner: “a Clif Bar, a Drumstick and a Budweiser.” That’s the real America there.


  6. Love your journal and the great illustrations. Just in case no one has corrected you, it’s okay to let your bike be rained on. Coastal rain doesn’t contain salt (it’s a mineral that doesn’t evaporate, so it stays in the ocean), but the fresh water rain does a great job of rinsing the salt off your bike. I’m looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

    Skip Harrison, Chief Instructor/Principal TOP GUN MOTORCYCLE ACADEMY, LLC 325 Reine St., Mandeville, LA 70448 985.237.9438 C 985.626.4922 O


    1. Hey Skip!! Thanks so much for your comment! Wow, the Top Gun Motorcycle Academy! Awesome. It’s so cool to hear from people like you around the country who are following Woon Chi’s journey. Thanks for the tip about the rain. Woon Chi did try to ride through it yesterday, but had to turn back because visibility was so bad. More on the journey coming up soon! He’s in Salt Lake City today, after seeing the Bonneville Salt Flats this morning. Not sure where’s he’s staying tonight, but probably somewhere north of town on his way toward Yellowstone. Thanks so much for your comment and for riding along on the trip!


  7. This is an awesome series. Your travel experiences are kickass Woon Chi..I’m truly enjoying following them. I love the journal entries, especially the illustrations. Awesome job in publishing this series Kelly, Love it!


    1. Hey Rudhram! Thank you so much! I’ll send your comment and URL to Woon Chi so he can read about your journey. We had a lot of fun collaborating and telling his story. Looks like you are on an epic journey of your own from Chicago to San Jose? Great photos!! Very similar set up to Woon Chi, too. Looking forward to reading more about your adventure! Safe travels and thanks so much for getting in touch! 🙂


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