Daily Dose of Beauty, March 21st

Drummers of Maldives

Drummers of Maldives

Daily Dose of Beauty: Adding a bit of light to the darkness as we get through the pandemic together.

March 21st, 2020

Continuing our weekend in Maldives, the drummers of Olhuveli convey the energy, beauty and movement of their rhythm. Their synergy is something we’re all missing now as we stay apart from each other but we’ll make music together again someday. It’s inspiring to see people in Italy continuing to share music from their balconies amid the pandemic.

When I departed Maldives, I stopped at a store in the Malé airport to look for a sarong like the ones the drummers were wearing. The store was packed with swimsuits and board shorts, but the man at the counter pointed me to a tiny bin on the floor where, at the very bottom, I found what I was looking for. As I paid him for the sarong, he wrote something on a little piece of paper and handed it to me with a huge smile on his face while saying, “Feyli.” He was so happy that out of everything in his store, I had chosen to take home with me the single item of clothing most emblematic of his country. I still have that piece of paper and I still have the feyli.

What I love about the photo below is that the lovely wide stripes of the feylis have national identity. A simple motif communicates geographic location with no need for words. If you’ve been to or studied Maldives, you could see this photo and know where it was captured based on those stripes alone. This is what many of us love most about travel – the education that comes with every journey and interaction, big and small.

Daily Dose of Beauty, March 21st

The wide stripes of Maldives are applied in other beautiful ways too, in all kinds of surprising color combinations.

Maldivian wooden containers

Maldivian wooden containers

Maldivian lacquerware radiates with color, and these craftsmen on the island showed us how they create it with a hand-powered lathe. The feyli worn by the gentleman on the right has the traditional stripe motif with a burgundy base.

Maldivian Craftsmen

Maldivian Craftsmen

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up Maldives and fly on to another location.

Until then,


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