Daily Dose of Beauty, March 27th

Sapa Seamstresses

Sapa Seamstresses

Daily Dose of Beauty: Adding a bit of light to the darkness as we get through the pandemic together.

March 27th, 2020

Yesterday’s daily dose brought us to Sapa in north Vietnam, and today I’m sharing a scene from a workshop of seamstresses. I could have spent the entire day here exploring all the designs and embellishments. The people of Sapa and Bac Ha (a neighboring town) create beautiful textiles, dyed and sewn by hand, worn layer upon layer by the region’s hill tribes. They also hand-make brooms, quilts, incense and even French baguettes in the local markets as a remaining daily tradition from when this region was French Indochina.

The photo above came to mind while thinking about the many people around the world who know a basic life skill – how to sew – who have been called upon in this time of need to apply it in a way they never expected. As we’ve been going about our day, seamstresses and tailors all over the world have been sitting at their machines working with fabric, refining the fit of face masks and hospital gowns. In hard times and short supply, nothing gets the job done quite like a tide of human compassion, belief, effort and willingness to help. To everyone spending valuable time with their Singer sewing machine right now, the rest of us thank you and hope you can return to your usual business as soon as possible.

In times like these, technology is important but human capability should never be discounted. As bored as we may be sitting at home, each of us is doing critical, life-saving work. It’s some of the most important work we’ve ever done. More specifically, what you don’t do today might even save your own life. Let’s remember the important work at hand, even if it’s just making a cup of coffee to pass the time.

Until tomorrow,


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