Escape to Rockwater

Rockwater Secret Cove Resort

Rockwater Secret Cove Resort

April 19th, 2020

This post is part of a series called Daily Dose of Beauty featuring travel photos and stories from my archives, shared with you as we shelter in place during the pandemic. For today’s Daily Dose, we’re in Canada on the Sunshine Coast at Rockwater Secret Cove Resort.

Many of us are already looking forward to the day when we can resume traveling again. I’ve been seeing lots of articles about the future of post-pandemic travel and what it will look like. I think the only thing we can know for sure is that each one of us will have to determine for ourselves when exactly our desire to travel finally outweighs the caution and fear that’s keeping us at home. For some it may be weeks, for others it may be months or even next year when that time arrives. Whatever the timeline, the vacation or getaway we choose may be entirely different than anything we’ve considered before.

Trail through the trees

Trail through the trees

For today’s post, we’re escaping to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Rockwater Secret Cove Resort is part hotel, part “tenthouse suite” glamping experience set on the rocks overlooking the Strait of Georgia. On arrival, an elevated walkway leads out through the trees to the tenthouses, which are spaced and angled apart from one another for privacy. If you have a lot of bags, the front desk will carry them for you or give you a wheeled cart to make the trip. It’s quite a jaunt to the last tenthouse on the rocks.

Steps – sometimes lots of them – lead up and down to the tenthouses. The tenthouses are made of canvas over a frame with an open-plan bedroom and sitting area, bathtub, enclosed washroom and spacious deck pointed toward the view. The finishes and amenities far surpass the standards for enjoyable glamping – comfortable bed, heated tile floor, windows that can be unzipped and an electric heater to keep you cozy at night. Yet being so close to nature, with fresh air and the sound of the ocean to sleep to, creates a magical camp-like feeling.

We made two trips to Rockwater during our time in Canada. It’s easily reached by car ferry from Horseshoe Bay outside of Vancouver. Be sure to make a ferry reservation if you go on a busy weekend.

Tent Cabin 60

Tent Cabin 60

There are definitely more affordable options than a two-night getaway in a Rockwater tenthouse. But what’s perfect about this concept is that you can pack a big cooler of food, snacks, beer, wine, Champagne – whatever suits your fancy – wheel it out to your tenthouse and never leave your post for the duration of your trip (or even your car when you’re on the ferry). This getaway makes it possible to feel like you’re traveling again while remaining in blissful isolation, with only a view to die for.

Until tomorrow,

View from the bathtub

View from the bathtub


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