Punakaiki Pancake Rocks

August 13th, 2020

After my hike on the Abel Tasman Coast Trail in 2000, I caught a bus from Nelson to Greymouth. The route led to the west coast of the South Island, passing through Paparoa National Park and a town called Punakaiki.

Punakaiki is known for its pancake rock formations. Made of compacted layers of limestone, the rocks have horizontal layers that resemble stacks of pancakes (didn’t see any syrup or butter). It’s a scenic place for an easy walk to view the dramatic cliffs and saturated sea of yet another stunning part of New Zealand.

From Greymouth, I took the Tranzalpine train to Christchurch ~ a route famous for its mountain vistas. But I had just come from Nepal and completed a trek through the Himalayas so New Zealand’s Southern Alps looked like hills but were beautiful, nonetheless.

More tomorrow!

P.S. Again, apologies for the low-res photos from the year 2000. 🙂

Post of the Day: Adding a bit of light to the darkness as we get through the pandemic together. This series features travel photos from my archives, shared with you while staying close to home.

Train from Greymouth to Christchurch

Train from Greymouth to Christchurch


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