Down the Coast of Morocco

West coast of Morocco

West coast of Morocco

December 28th, 2020

After yesterday’s virtual tour of Tangier, today we’ve hired a driver and we’re on our way down the N1 coastal highway of western Morocco. The Atlantic is bright and blue today, and an empty beach stretches the entire length of the drive to our day-trip destination.

After 45 minutes, we arrive at Asilah — a town that has been controlled by many over the past 3,500 years including Phoenicians, Romans, Portuguese, Spanish and French. The town’s fortified walls were built by the Portuguese in the late 1400s. They make a grand impression but the heart of Asilah feels much more relaxed. Tomorrow, we’ll take a walk around.

Until then,

Post of the Day: Adding a bit of light to the darkness as we get through the pandemic together. This series features travel photos from my archives, shared with you while staying close to home.

Asilah, Morocco

Asilah, Morocco


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