Silver Linings

December 31st, 2020

Happy New Year’s Eve! Our greatest achievement this year may be surviving to the end of it.

I keep coming back to the idea that although this has been a year of tragedy and despair, silver linings are everywhere.

My silver linings for 2020:
• Time: to blog nearly every day, something I hadn’t planned on doing and wouldn’t have done otherwise
• Nature: a constant force, in some ways renewed this year because of our absence
• Intellect: our collective brain power is solving our most urgent crisis
• Giving: people have given more than ever this year through service, care and thought for one another

What are your silver linings for 2020?

Thank you for reading along this year, connecting, commenting, caring. It means the world to me and I hope to show you more of the world very soon!

Until next year,

Post of the Day: Adding a bit of light to the darkness as we get through the pandemic together. This series features travel photos from my archives, shared with you while staying close to home.


  • I think it’s a year in which we’ve learned to be kinder to one another, Kelly. Well, most of us, anyway! All the best in 2021 🙂 🙂


  • It is a year to be remembered. I agree with your analysis, in the face of difficulties the human species is adapting, finding a new balance.

    My silver lining would be to know that many activities can actually be carried out remotely, for the most part, if not all of them. This may be the start of a new work organisation in the future.
    For my part benefiting from this distance working without losing my income, it has been an opportunity for a better time management with an unexpected allocation of time for the blogging activity.


    • Great to hear you’ve been positively impacted by the remote work situation! I agree — nearly everything can be conducted at least in part remotely, giving time back to people to use differently. I think back to the days when I commuted an hour each way from SF to Palo Alto and back. I would not agree to that now, especially after working remotely (and successfully) for the past eight years. So wonderful that you have more time to blog! Your presence, thoughts and photographs are a silver lining. 🙂


  • Love your silver linings Kelly. Mine has been to have discovered nature on our doorstep that I had been unaware of all these years. Hard to believe I know. Wishing you more silver linings and perhaps a few golden ones in the year ahead. 💕


  • So true, there were many silver linings 🙂 the biggest for me was the connection with the blogging world and community (one of the first article I read on WP was Saloma’s village stay in Borneo 🙂). Then there is also the WFH, less travel through traffic and more time at home. And lots of travel inspirations, can’t wait to materialize my travel aspirations to many of those destinations.

    And I have to thank you for many of those inspirations. Wish you a very happy new year Kelly, may the travels begin again soon 🙂.


    • Deb, it has been such a pleasure to connect with you this year. I know at some point, when my husband and I return to India (or maybe somewhere else in the world), we will all meet in person. And that’s a HUGE silver lining of 2020 and beyond! To find friends across the world is one of the best aspects of blogging. So cool that my post on Saloma reached you and connected us. Cheers to travel beginning again and all the discoveries ahead for both of us. Happy New Year to you, too!


  • time! time to connect with the kids, with my partner/love; time to cook and bake; time to read; time to study and learn and practice yoga. time to read your blog!!!! xx


    • Yes, TIME!! Such a precious gift! And I think with time, there was a little bit less stress in some ways too. Happy to hear you took advantage of it with the kids, yoga, cooking, baking and (selfishly) reading my blog! 🙂 Hoping we have more time together very soon! I miss you! Sayulita was our last getaway before everything changed. xoxo


  • Peggy and I were actually able to do much of what we would have, Kelly, except travel overseas. That was a biggie. But wandering the Southwest and hanging out on the Oregon Coast matched any international travel we would have had. We were very careful, but not paranoid. Socially, I was really glad for all of my blogging friends. It really is a great community. –Curt


    • I could not agree with you more, Curt! The blogging community, already being virtual, has been a constant and wonderful source of happiness, support and inspiration through it all. Happy to hear you made the most of 2020 with domestic adventures at home and in the Southwest. Cheers to more adventure in 2021!


  • I feel like my personal silver linings came early in the year – an appreciation for slowing down (never my strong suit) and finding joy in simple daily pleasures. Luckily, as I descended into impatience and despair as the months wore on, we were blessed with our children’s happy life changes – all signs that life does go on, thank goodness.


    • Great to hear your kids had some happy life changes despite the pandemic! Like you, I’ve been growing more impatient because every day is so monotonous. I find myself in a strange flip-flop between loving the ease of it (and the simple pleasures, as you’ve noted) and hating the limitations. The vaccine has been a great boost of hope that there are better times ahead. Happy New Year, Lex! Let’s hope a year from now we’re blogging from and about new destinations!

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  • Silver linings:
    I’m much kinder than I was. I’m really conscious of being kind to people now. Even people who irritate me. I think others are too.
    Giving – I’m much more conscious of sharing what we have – so more donations, more to street people. Just giving more. And everyone is too.
    The halting of tourism so nature has a bit of chance to recover. I hope the mega-ship cruise industry is dead forever.
    A deepening of friendship with people we’ve known for over 20 years as they became our Covid bubble.


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