Nature’s Confetti ~ Go Canada!

Surprise! Pack your bag and get yourself to the virtual jet. We’re off to the World Cup and more!

It has been months… 11 long months… since I last posted. In the time that has passed, three people in my immediate family have had major surgery (myself included). I’ve chosen to disengage, step away from social media and truly give my body and mind a good long time to heal. On the eight-month journey between my diagnosis and recovery, I was referred to a renowned local surgeon, about the same age as I am. He immigrated from Myanmar when he was nine years old. Having traveled to Myanmar in 2013, he and I had a great conversation about the country, his experience coming to the U.S. with his mother and seven siblings, and his belief that he’s living the American dream — now as a U.S. citizen. I am forever grateful for his skill and expertise, his assurance that I would be okay, and the acute reminder that one’s life may be touched at any time, by anyone, from anywhere.

So… I’m healed, happy and feel like a million bucks! And travel has come back into focus. We (J and I) have moved from Lake Tahoe and spent the past three weeks on parental visits in California and Colorado. The next phase toward the World Cup starts tomorrow. This particular trip has been in the works since April — with ticket lotteries, Hayya cards and accommodations all needing to align in order to make it possible. You can’t even board a plane to Qatar this month unless you have all of these things officially documented and approved. I am highly aware of how controversial this World Cup is but that is a topic for another time, with more perspective gained from being there. As a HUGE sports fan (did you know?), what I’m most looking forward to is meeting people from around the world, feeling that electric harmony of rooting with and against each other, and seeing all the jerseys and face paint, while also seeking out some unique Qatari experiences. J was just asking the hotel concierge… can we get to Al Bayt stadium by dhow for the Germany/Costa Rica match? They haven’t said no!

It’s 2:05 a.m. and I should be sleeping but percolating thoughts of exotic places have inspired me to sit and write. So, tomorrow we go. First to Madrid for a few days with family, then on to Doha from Sunday to Sunday, five matches in between. After that, three nights in Istanbul and shopping at the Grand Bazaar, then four nights and a meet-up in Malta with Lexie from One Foot Out the Door! (We are soooo excited!) After that, back to Madrid for a week, then back to the U.S. in time for Christmas.

I hope you’ll come along! Follow me here — I’ll try to post every day — and on Insta (compassandcamera) for full photo immersion.

I’ve missed you all, I have so much blog reading to catch up on, and I hope all of you are well and dreaming of journeys… whether they’re just to the end of the street or all the way around the world.

Happy Thanksgiving,


  • I woke up to this, and my excitement has only been further stoked to get to Malta! I didn’t even know the order of all your destinations until now, but I did figure this was sort of how it went. I know a couple of people at the World Cup in Doha right now, and they seem to be having a blast. (There was some camel riding and dune surfing that was going on between matches, so surely a dhow ride can be arranged!) Safe travels tomorrow, and have a GREAT time yelling your brains out and getting the sound of vuvuzelas stuck in your head this next week, and we’ll see you in no time!


  • First, Kelly, it’s good to see you back on line and even better to know that you are healthy. Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great trip to the World Cup and with the rest of your journey. Glad to hear you are meeting up with Lexi. –Curt


  • So happy to see you are back Kelly but saddened to hear what a difficult year you have had. Glad to know all is now well and looking forward to following your upcoming travels. Sending you my warmest wishes as always…Andrew 💕


  • It’s a funny thing, this blogging world. You sometimes don’t realise how long someone has been missing until they pop up again. So happy you are recovered and on the road again. And meeting Lexie- woo hoo! Happy Thanksgiving for today and have an amazing time together.

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  • Good to see you back!!! Glad the procedure was successful! Looking forward to new posts from your travels. 🙂


  • So glad to have you back and ready to explore our world with sagacity and curiosity again. I look forward to discovering new places through your eyes and thoughts. Bon voyage!


  • Like everyone else, I’m so ecstatic to ‘see’ you again, Kelly! I didn’t know the past year had been tough. But I’m glad it sounds like things are only getting better now. I’m not a football (soccer) fan, but I can imagine getting excited for being in a place where World Cup matches are being hosted, and for seeing people from all over the world. Bon voyage!


  • You have been SO missed, Kelly! So sorry that you’ve been going through all your health challenges, and thrilled that you’re recovered. And now you’re back on the road heading for some fabulous places. How wonderful and exciting! Congrats! I too have been gone for 10 months for reasons similar to yours, so I know how fantastic it is to be back to your “normal self.” Have a blast! 🙂 ~Terri


  • Oh wow! I hardly now where to start. First – sorry you’ve been unwell, thrilled for you that you’re fully healed. I hope your other family members are too. It sounds like it’s been a stressful time. But now it’s over and you’re off on adventures again! Yay! Hope this trip is all you could wish it to be (from your insta posts it looks like it’s getting off to a good start). Looking forward to your posts.
    So good to have you back.
    Alison xo


  • I am glad that you are feeling better, and looking forward to reading more of your adventures!


  • Hey Kelly, good to see you back again! I’m glad things are looking up for you and look forward to your upcoming stories.


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