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September 10th, 2020 Talking with a few friends today, it seems everyone really needs to laugh, exhale and take a moment to relax. It’s been a long six months+ since everything went haywire. Take a deep breath, focus on what you’re grateful for and remember to laugh! Hopefully this parrot is helping. Tomorrow we’ll pause for a moment of remembrance,

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Day Four in Bhutan: Venture to the Valley

Phobjikha Valley

We awoke in Punakha to a crisp, clear morning. The sun illuminated the Meri Puensum Resort, revealing all the intricate details I hadn’t seen when we checked in the evening before. As you can see, Bhutan’s traditional architecture is a magical balance of stone, wood and hand-painted details. Older structures have beautiful time-worn character while newer ones, like this main

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