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Imagination In Flight

Have you been following Solar Impulse 2? One word: obsessed. Lucky for me, I work from home. I’m neck deep in a project right now, but I’ve been following Solar Impulse 2 while sitting at my desk designing a project for a company on the other side of the Pacific ocean. I have my browser open, with four tabs loaded

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A Million Little Pieces

Who doesn’t love LEGOs? And who knew such amazing things could be so artfully sculpted with them? Nathan Sawaya, that’s who. Singapore’s ArtScience Museum is currently hosting The Art of the Brick, an exhibit of Sawaya’s intricate, painstaking work in the form of big-as-life LEGO sculptures. The exhibit has been extended through May 26th, so if you’re in Singapore and

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Chasing Creativity

Yes, family, friends and followers — there has been a distinct lack of blog posts from me lately. I’ve been on a big deadline for a big project and I’ve had a big creative block for what seems like a really big amount of time. Are you a creative person? Have you experienced this? It’s impossible to say what brings

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