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A Grizzly Weekend in Bella Coola

A Grizzly Weekend in Bella Coola

We depart for Bella Coola from the south terminal of Vancouver International Airport, where the old-school spirit of travel is alive and well. We’re aboard a twenty-seat prop plane but we never cleared security and our bags were never x-rayed. We’re flying into the wilderness on the honor system — something that feels uniquely Canadian and appropriate for the weekend.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Croc from Sri Lanka

Minimal view, maximum danger in Sri Lanka. Yala National Park displays a robust ecosystem full of predators and prey. With leopards and crocodiles, and even the occasional angry elephant, it doesn’t take long to understand why you should never set foot outside your safari vehicle, no matter how beautiful the view. All entries in this week’s photo challenge are posted

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