Morning in Trinidad, Cuba

Morning in Trinidad, Cuba

The patchwork masonry catches my eye. I walk closer and see her looking out from her window onto the street below. I hold up my camera to ask, by gesturing, if I can take her photo. She smiles, laughs and points to the wrap on her head, as if to say “Really? Me? But what about my hair?” I smile back. No matter, seรฑora. It’s morning in Cuba, I still can’t believe I’m here, and everything is beautiful — including you.


  1. Kelly, I am soooo glad you went to Cuba. That means I now have to follow you there! It was in my top three places to go this summer, but something said…wait. Maybe it was wait to see where Kelly goes?? Is it cool there?

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    1. OMG, it is SO cool Badfish! You should try to get there as soon as possible before throngs of fellow Americans start taking legal flights this fall. The country has so much character and music is an integral part of experiencing it. I would go back today if I could. Havana enchanted me. Follow my footsteps… please! ๐Ÿ™‚


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